Joanne to reprise her role in the Prequel ‘The Legend of Frank Gardiner’ feature film.


Joanne Dobbin will reprise her role of ‘Biddy Hall’ in the prequel ‘The Legend of Frank Gardiner’ which is is yet to be announced for Pre-Production.

‘The Legend of Frank Gardiner’, will dramatise the early days of Ben and Biddy’s relationship and it’s infamous collapse that led to Ben’s tragic downfall into a life of crime.

The film will also dispel the myths and errors associated with the story, such as Biddy running away with a policeman while Ben Hall was in prison (and his cattle dying of thirst in the stockyards) Rather, TLOFG will present only the facts of this fascinating history.. which we believe is far more interesting than the fiction.

For more information, please visit the facebook page – The Legend of Frank Gardiner.

— Posted on February 6, 2017 at 8:33 am

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